The following are some of our local West Coast cultural treasures. 


Featured Artists

Artist Members

Adrienne Mason Writer, Graphic Artist
Allison Tremain Print maker
Andrew Talbot Painter
Catherine Taron Painter
Cathy White Potter
Christine Overvelde Producer / writer, Writer
Cindy Mawle Painter
Claire Watson Painter
Colin Bell Painter
Cynthia Newans Other
Dan Telosky Painter
David Paul Crombie Photographer
Didymus Bernadotte Painter, Sculptor
Dolores Baswick Photographer
Don Osborne Photographer
Donna Fraser Photographer
Douglas Ludwig Photographer
Elissa Anthony Painter
Eric Raume Wood Carver
Giovi Corlazzoli Painter, Potter
Glenn Carlson Painter
Jeremy Koreski Photographer
John Redford Painter
John Westwood Wood worker /designer
Judith Bryer Radford Painter
Judy Schmidt Sculptor
Kara Myhr Photographer, Graphic Artist
Karen Gamble Photographer
Kathryn Cunningham Mixed Medium, Textile Artist
Kelly Carter Painter, Pyrographic Artist
Lisa Fletcher Jewelery Designer
Lisa Schley Photographer
Mark Hobson Painter
Marla Thirsk Painter
Monique Schmaltz Painter
Nancy Powis Painter
Patrice Gibson Painter
Peter Clarkson Sculptor
PRAS Kids Photographer
Rebekka Lim Painter
Rina Vigneault Painter
Robinson Cook Wood Carver
Ron Smid Photographer
Roxy Hurtubise Photographer
Sally Parker Painter
Sara Robichaud Painter
Shannon McWhinney Painter
Signy Cohen Painter
Thomas Lee Schmidt Sculptor
Victoria Leader Painter