The following are some of our Members cultural treasures.  All images on the Artists page are copyrighted and may not be reproduced without the written permission of the artists.

Featured Artists

Artist Members

"Sockeyeking" Doug Blackwell Mixed Medium, Painter
Allison Tremaine Other
Andre McGillivray Painter
Andre Serin Painter
Andrew Talbot Painter
Angela Gauld Other
Ariane Terez Painter
Arlene McGinnis Other
Barbara Schramm Photographer
Beverly Newton Painter
Brent Hohlweg Other
Brian Buckrell Painter
Carly Butler Mixed Medium, Other, Print maker
Carly Butler - printing press Other, Print maker
Carol Schulz Painter
Catherine Taron Painter
Cathy Stewart Painter
Christopher Smith Glass Artist
Cindy Howard Painter
Cindy Mawle Painter
Colin Bell Painter
Court Mancub Dheensaw Wood Carver
Crystal Crossman Other, Painter
Dan Kortes Mixed Medium
Dan Telosky Painter
Dar Wolters-Sword Mixed Medium, Painter
Darlene Rouleau Other
Deanna Lankin Painter
Denise Paluck Painter
Derek Sheppard Painter
Dian McCreary Photographer
Diane Michelin Painter
Diane Rudge Textile Artist
Didymus Bernadotte Painter, Sculptor
Dolores Baswick Photographer
Elaine Killins Other
Elisa White Other
Elissa Anthony Painter
Emma Wilson Painter
Eric Raume Wood Carver
Esther Sample Painter
Esther Sample Painter
Eve Norton Painter
Giovi Corlazzoli Painter, Potter
Gittam Klemetsrud Mixed Medium, Photographer, Textile Artist
Glenn Carlson Painter
Greg Blanchette Other
Harold Sadler Painter
Ingrid Pongratz Mixed Medium, Painter
Ingrid Pongratz Mixed Medium, Other
Jacqueline Chamberland Painter, Potter
Jane Murray-Smith Potter
Janice Lore, Poet, Performance Artist Writer
Janis McDougall Other
Jasmine Soliman Other
Jen McLeod Photographer
Jens Heyduck Photographer
John Redford Painter
John Westwood Wood worker /designer
Johnny Harkin Wood Carver
Joy-Lynn Eyford Mixed Medium
Judy Gibson Other
Judy Schmidt Sculptor
Jusha Grunther Photographer
Justin Merk Painter
Kaily Baldwin Painter
Karen Gamble Photographer
Karen Smith Painter
Karen Tassie Mixed Medium, Painter
Karine Gordon-Beaumier Painter
Kat Leslie Other
Kathryn Cunningham Mixed Medium, Textile Artist
Katsumi Kimoto Painter
Kelly Deakin Pyrographic Artist
Kerry Harwood Photographer
Kerry Margaret Painter
Lisa Fletcher Jewelery Designer
Lisa Schley Photographer
Mara Love Other
Marc Garand Other
Margaret Mazzoni Other
Margaret Morrison Other
Marine Recker Painter
Mark Hobson Painter
Marla Thirsk Painter
Martha Ponting Painter
Mary Christmas Painter, Photographer
Mary Forest Wood Carver
Maureen Fraser Painter
Maureen Therrien-McKinnon Mixed Medium
Melina Lamoureux Other
Michelle MacDonald Painter
Monique Schmaltz Painter
Montana King Mixed Medium, Other, Painter, Photographer
Myles Morrison Other
Nancy Moore Other
Nora O'Malley Other, Photographer, Writer
Patrice Gibson Painter
Peggy Arnett Painter
Peter Clarkson Mixed Medium, Other
PRAS Kids Photographer
Rebekka Lim Painter
Robi Smith Painter
Robinson Cook Wood Carver
Roxy Hurtubise Photographer
Sally Parker Other
Sandra Hinder Other
Sean Deakin Mixed Medium, Sculptor
Shannon McWhinney Painter
Shannon Szymczakowski Other, Writer
Sharon Sanford Painter
Sherrie Pawluk Photographer
Signy Cohen Painter
Stephen Kemp Painter
Steve Morey Other
Sue Payne Other, Graphic Artist
Susan Wright Painter
Suzanne Ryles Other
Suzi Beber Other
Sylvanna Corlazzoli Other
Sylvia Harron Painter
Terry McKinnon Wood Carver
Tes Lalonde Mixed Medium, Wood worker /designer
Thomas Lee Schmidt Sculptor
Uma Sharma Other, Writer
Ursula Banke Painter
Vi Mundy Other
Victor West Wood worker /designer, Wood Carver