Carol Schulz

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ARTIST’S BIO - please note: images are copyrighted and may not be reproduced without the written permission of the artist. Carol Schulz received her first formal art training as an undergraduate at Northern Illinois University. After continued education in non-arts fields (two Master’s Degrees and a Ph.D.), she became an award-winning university professor teaching Anthropology at Alfred University in NY State. Then she moved into the private sector and rose to vice president of an international corporation in technology, research, and engineering. Upon her retirement, she once again took up the brushes, but this time in a medium new to her - watercolor. “Cover new ground throughout your life; there’s no sense in plowing the same field over and over!” Mostly self-taught, Schulz sought out specialized training from selected, admired watercolorists, including Mark Hobson of British Columbia, Nita Engle of Michigan, and Tom Lynch.of Illinois. An impressionist at heart, Schulz uses bold colors and melds together diverse techniques to accomplish her work. “Do what works. And, paint what YOU and YOUR AUDIENCE enjoy! Nature is beautiful; make it so.” After over a fifteen years of watercolor painting, showing, and marketing, she has sold 1500 paintings and several thousand prints. Her work can be found in homes and private collections on several continents.