Denise Paluck

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Denise is a full time painter, working in acrylics. She considers herself fortunate to live within the glorious and muscular landscape of western Canada. All of her art making is grounded in the natural world: there is no better muse. Denise uses intense jewel-like tones in her work and typically applies multiple layers of paint, making extensive use of transparent glazes and thin veils of opaque paint to achieve vibrancy and depth. Denise’s work increasingly is focused on the coast and its rainforest: She has been known to drop everything when it is time to visit a favourite tree, and will start hiking when dawn is just a suggestion in order to get to a spot that will be transcendent in morning light. She believes that we are instinctively attuned to the rightness of what is organic and generative, so art which is derived from that is art which can engage.