Elissa Anthony

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I didn’t set out to be a landscape artist. However when I moved to Vancouver Island it became obvious to me where I should head on my artistic path. I started with painting the flowers in my new garden, but soon started exploring landscapes. My first being a seascape of Botanical Beach. My paintings took on a life of their own ~ not really realism but not exactly expressionism. Some have said it is representational, others say it is hyper realism. Whatever it is, my heart soars when I am in my studio creating these paintings. My earliest influence was Georgia O’Keefe. I saw her Show at the Chicago Institute of Art in 1987 and I was hooked. Not only was she a great artist but a women I could relate to in life terms. I grew up not far from Kleinberg, Ontario and took regular visits to the McMichael Gallery. I marvelled at the extensive collection of the Group of Sevens paintings. I particularly liked the informal flowing look, yet technically superb work of Lawren Harris and AJ Casson. Seeing EJ Hughes work for the first time in 2005 was a revelation and I knew I was on the right path artistically. I am constantly learning new things about myself every time I complete a new painting. *images are copyrighted and may not be reproduced without the written permission of the artist.