Harold Sadler

I moved to Tofino with my family back in 1967 when I was about five years old. There is a long line of artists that keep popping up in my family history and I too discovered drawing early in Elementary school. Then, with the encouragement of an Art teacher in High school I started painting. Oil quickly became my favourite medium because of the range of colour and tone that it offers and the ability to work with it wet in wet. Plus I could paint over my mistakes! As a life-long surfer, I have always been fascinated with the fluid, constantly moving ocean and how it interacts with the hard edge of the West Coast of Vancouver Island. As a result, one way or another it seems that the Pacific and its waves usually find a way into my images, either up front or in “behind the scenes”. Harold Sadler *images are copyrighted and may not be reproduced without the written permission of the artist. CONTACT INFO summerhilltofino@gmail.com