Ingrid Pongratz

Mixed Medium
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Ingrid Pongratz Visual Artist: Encaustics / mixed media After many years of living in Canada's heartland, Ingrid followed her dream to the west coast. Born in Nuremberg, Germany she has employed her wanderlust to explore breathtaking nooks around the globe. While appreciative of different cultures, it was the outdoors, oceans and beaches with which she felt most in sync. A passionate beachcomber, she finds a sense of wonder in naturally worked elements, like driftwood, or mystery entombed in marine debris. While Ingrid has dabbled with most art mediums her entire life, the ancient art of encaustics, painting with hot beeswax, is her passion. The warm smell, the versatility of the fluid medium, is a good fit for her personality. Starting in 2013, Ingrid’s curiosity in the medium deepened through enhanced training at CanwaxWest, Penticton, winning emerging artist award, 2016; Metchosin International Summer School of the Arts; Salt Spring Island; and Saanich. Ingrid now lives and works as an artist in British Columbia