Montana King

Mixed Medium
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Montana King is proud to be an Artist and Poet in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, BC. where she leads a Bohemian lifestyle. She is a multi-media artist who has a deft hand with watercolor and loves to peruse the art of Japanese Sumi-e ink drawing. Inspired by the naturalness of Lifescapes and The Great Spirit, she paints flowers, trees, mountains and social issues of the soul. Her style consists of shape-energy, simplicity and the "Beauty of her Beast". She communicates her abilities to convey innermost thoughts with the under-world and what really moves humanity. Her early work, The Chain Series, deals with life's hidden traumas. Montana's interest is now captured with the fascinating Beluga Whales at the Vancouver Aquarium, creating her ongoing work, The Unchained Ghosts. She has been curiously studying the Beluga Whales with pen and ink drawings to captivate their wonderous and mysterious movements. Montana is also in the process of studying the Limbic System. Montana's work can be found throughout Vancouver at The Window Community Art Show, The EWMA Store.