Orange Door Gallery - 'Koi'

The Orange Door Gallery is the newest Gallery in Ucluelet, it is an inititive of the Pacific Rim Arts Society and a perk for the members.

The upcoming exhibit coincides with the Cultural Heritage Festival - Sakura - Celebrating the Japanese arts and culture on the West Coast, the Exhibit is called "Koi" ( the fish)  - the show opens on May 18 and runs until May 27th. open Friday to Sunday 10am - 2pm

Office Hours are Mon to Thur 9:30 am to 3:00pm - please feel free to drop in and browse the show during these hours as well.

Members stay tuned for the callouts for the next upcoming show/s!

We look forward to more workshops and exhibits in the upcoming months!


A huge thank you to BC Creative Spaces for the grant that made this space possible!