The Wild Pacific Trail

The Wild Pacific Trail society is dedicated to the promotion, protection and expansion of a scenic network of walking trails that showcases the unique natural cultural treasures of the Ucluelet peninsula. --------- NEW Artist Loops -- Visit the newest jewel in the crown for the Wild Pacific Trail, just opened on the northern end of the existing trail. Be sure to walk into new scenic sections about .5 km. north of Brown’s Beach parking lot for great vistas and two storm-watching decks hand carved into the storm twisted coastline. This section also features five tree canopy platforms called Painter’s Perches — step up to see the wind-swept coastline from a bird’s eye view! Great care has been taken to preserve the unique vegetation known as the krumholtz wall; thus the trail feels like a hobbit tunnel burrowing between viewpoints, benches and decks popping up through the twisted branches. If you have been here before it is worth a return visit to see this new section. Wild Pacific Trail Society Mission: