Dyan Myhr

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…..Born in North Vancouver BC, Dyan spent her formative years moving around the province of British Columbia. In 1970, she found herself in Quesnel BC where she met her highschool sweetheart, whom she later married. She became a Laboratory Technologist in 1978, moved to Terrace BC, where she and her husband raised three wonderful children. Now retired, they have  moved to warmer, less snowy  climes…..Ucluelet, BC.  Her life has involved an interesting dichotomy – on the one side she is very science oriented, working as a lab tech for many years……on the other side, she has always had a deep emotional connection to the arts.

Initially self-taught, she began attending workshops in 1989 and has continued to do so over the ensuing years. With her favourite medium of watercolour, she finds inspiration in nature, the animal kingdom, legendary critters and characters. Living in the Pacific Northwest has given her access to a wide and varied subject matter which is reflected in her work. Her art is transformational and eclectic, using shapes and strong vibrant colours to evoke emotional response and a sense of connection…..to being a part of everything around you. She is all about connections and how we are connected to everything and everyone. Some of her pieces include wildlife, Northcoast landscapes, totem poles, aquatic life and now, old world deities.

Dyan has participated and placed in various juried shows over the years. She has also successfully exhibited in major gallery showings and in various public ventures. She belongs to the Federation of Canadian Artists, the Northcoast Artists Cooperative, the Skeena Colours Art Group and the Easel Weasels in Prince Rupert. She is proud to have been on the executive of the Terrace Art Association, a non-profit group that manages the Terrace Public Art Galleries in support of the flourishing arts community in the Terrace area.

Since retirement, she works out of her playroom…..Blue Crow Studio, where she continues to explore the connectivity, the colours and the vibrancy of the natural world surrounding us all.