Janice Lore

Janice Lore · Poet and Performance Artist

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Janice Lore’s writing has appeared in various anthologies and literary magazines, and on CBC radio. Her poetry chapbook, Ipsissima Verba (Latin meaning “the very words”), is a “found” poem about math, philosophy, definitions and a middle-aged woman’s life. It has also been scripted and performed. She wrote her first commissioned work, “Requiem for the Fridge,” on the door of a dead refrigerator.

Janice is a member of the Clayoquot Writers Group; Performance Anxiety, a performance poetry collective; and The Diversity Project, a performance group which explores universal themes through a tapestry of art forms.

She has recently begun making handmade books to showcase her poetry.

She is interested in interdisciplinary art projects and enjoys collaborating with other artists.

Images and written works are copyrighted and may not be reproduced without the written permission of the author and artist.

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