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I pursued my love for art by completing a degree in art at the University of Calgary in 1983. While there, I majored in painting and drawing. It was the original intention to teach when I completed the degree but I decided early that teaching would not be for me, but continued with the studies for my own benefit.

Ironically, I think I learned more from the other students than I did from some of the professors, but all in all it was a successful 4 years. It was challenging when I first completed my degree as I ended up needing full-time work in order to pay for the usual bills (mortgage etc), so that had to be my priority even though I have always desired to create.

In my personal life one of my biggest joys are gardening as it is also like painting on a canvas and I tend to let my plantings take on a life of their own as it appears that sometimes the mistakes work just as they do on canvas or paper. Other interests have been travelling and spending time on the beaches of Vancouver Island with my close friend and confidante (Beau) :).

Since I have taken an early retirement in 2014, I now have the time to be able to pursue my desire to create even further and have many series of paintings in my head and now the challenge comes in getting them all down on the canvas and paper . It is so true that there is not enough time in the day to do everything we want, but I am trying.

I awake every day making my way thru the day looking for that which the average person does not see – I want the viewer to see what has inspired me. I create because it is in my nature just as breathing is – I want, I must and I have to CREATE. The process of developing a painting for me is one based on intuition. When I begin to work, I will generally have a photo- it is then I roughly sketch in graphite and colour washes in order to lose all the white areas. It is the evolving shapes / forms made from the large brush marks that eventually develop in front of me that begin to separate any resemblance between the photo and the actual canvas. I do not seek deep meanings into my works or wish for the viewer to understand, simply enjoy the final outcome.

Everyone discusses my art and pretends to understand, as if it were necessary to understand, when it is simply necessary to love.“ Claude Monet

I am always searching for images / ideas, looking for the contrasts, the play of light and shadows on objects or the play of one colour against another. It can be the arrangement of the pebbles on the beach or a rocky outcrop stretching into the sea or tonal values in a wave. I only want to show the way in which I see the world around me as any artist will do. DON’T pass by what many deem as “ ordinary “ – STOP, WITNESS AND APPRECIATE the intricacies of the movement of light and colour in the simplest of things …… a group of pebbles on the beach.

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